Dr. Leichardt during Lineage Ceremony
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This section contains sample videos from previous courses taught by Thomas Leichardt.

  • Level 1 Review Video (HD)
    Brief video in a park of clearing, Daoist 5, and microcosmic orbit. You may want to mute your sound first as it was very windy that day.
  • Level 1 Video
    A brief review of Clearing and Daoist 5. Recorded by students at a Level 1 Medical Qigong course in 2009 at Five Branches University in San Jose.
  • Old Daoist 5 Video
    Recorded at Five Branches University in San Jose many moons ago...
  • Spine Rippling Video
    An impromptu introduction to spine rippling. Recorded by students at a Level 2 Medical Qigong course in 2009 at Five Branches University in San Jose.
  • Treatment Demonstration - Coming Soon

Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: About: Testimonials
Tom Leichardt's Daoist & Medical Qigong Teacher

As Tom’s teacher and instructor of Medical Qigong, I have had the opportunity and pleasure of observing Tom evolve in his knowledge base of Chinese Medicine in its theory, integration and application. As an individual, I have seen his heart of compassion embodied in both healing skills and instruction of Medical Qigong. Tom is an asset to the local Qigong community and an integral link to its foundation. With this, I can whole-heartedly recommend Tom in all his capacities of heart felt service.

Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, DC, DMQ (China)
Founder - Natures Path Center

Submitted May 29, 2007

Teaching & Healing

As a teacher, Tom has shown me very beautiful, and practical, ways to experience the subtle and sublime flow of divine energy within and all around me. He teaches with both great knowledge and humility, and his sincerity, compassion and authenticity are rare. Tom is also one of the most effective healers I have ever worked with. He has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, but beyond that is a natural gift of healing and bringing all of who we are into well-being.

Brianna Vieira (Prajna)

Submitted August 26th, 2007

Qigong for Dually Diagnosed Clients

Tom has facilitated bi-monthly medical Qigong groups for Pioneer House's, (PH), dually diagnosed clients for over 1-1/2 years. PH clients report Tom's Qigong groups reduce psychiatric symptoms and aid relaxation. Some clients' favorite PH activity are Tom's groups!

Tom gave a medical Qigong treatment to one PH client who suffered from schizophrenia. Amazing results were evidenced by the client saying, "I feel better!" In addition, staff observed that this individual was visibly calmer and less hyper-verbal.

Tom is prompt, professional, courteous and compassionate. Tom's work is greatly appreciated by both PH staff and clients. Thank you Tom for making a positive difference in our lives!

Sweta Mitzel
Counselor II
Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center
Pioneer House

Submitted July 30, 2007

Qigong & Meditation Workshop

I took one of Tom's workshops (main topics Qigong and meditation). I took it for more information on Qigong. What I got out of it was a day of deep rest from the meditations we participated in. I will gladly do it again and have requested Tom give me a space in the next workshop.

Keyes Lloyd, DMQ (China)

Submitted July 28, 2007

Headaches & a Hard Fall

I had reoccurring headaches which got worse after I tripped and fell on hard pavement. I had several treatments from Tom, which reduced the headaches and pain until after the last treatment they were gone. I could feel when he was working on my cranial bones even when he was not touching them directly but adjusting them with his energy and intention. Several weeks later the headaches are still gone and I am very happy to not have to take headache medicine everyday like I used to. Tom said the headaches were due to my cranial bones being stuck which was causing energy blocks as well, and he helped restore the natural cranial sacral rhythm which cleared up the headaches.

Stella from San Jose, CA

Submitted May 15, 2007




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