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Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Modalities

Modalities of Service Make an Appointment

Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Rates

Treatment and Consultation Rates Make an Appointment

  • Acupuncture: $100/hr
  • Medical Qigong Energy Medicine: $100/hr
  • Intuitive Consultation: $100/hr
  • Personal Instruction: $100/hr
  • Acupuncture with Medical Qigong Energy Medicine: $100/hr
  • Skype Sessions (all kinds) $100/hr
  • Long Distance Healing: $100/hr
  • Intention Setting Ritual: $180/ritual (about 2 hours)
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Classes, Workshops, Public Speaking, etc.

Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Treatments

Treatment Description Make an Appointment

The one hour session begins with a short interview about your health, which is followed by the actual treatment, and then concludes with gentle movement prescriptions as well as recommended lifestyle changes to increase healing and restoration.

During treatment, the practitioner will either insert thin needles into special points, and/or emit qi towards you via highly specialized qi emission and guiding techniques. The practitioner purges, strengthens, and then regulates your energetic matrix via the acupuncture points, meridians, internal organs, and other energetic gateways or pathways. This is accomplished through acupuncture needles, physical manipulation (touch) and/or energetic projection (non touch) in accordance with the principles of Daoist Chinese Medicine (DCM). The practitioner's goal is to improve your overall health, which may include addressing specific disease patterns.

After treatment, the remaining time may be taken to prescribe specific movement and breath exercises for you to practice on your own time. These prescriptions, based in DCM theory, nurture and promote the effects of the treatments, and are tailored to the specific condition or issue you wish to address.

To reap the full benefits, please be prepared to receive several treatments, practice the energetic movement prescriptions, and adhere to suggested lifestyle changes.

View the Medical Qigong and Acupuncture sections for more information,
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Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Instruction

Personal Instruction Make an Appointment

Thomas is a gifted teacher and a soulful guide. He excels in the private instruction of sitting and movement meditation practices, mindfulness practices, conscious reality creation, as well as out of body exploration (astral projection). More info...

Classes & Workshops

Planning a class, workshop or retreat?

You may invite Thomas Leichardt to instruct or lead at various events, including:

  • Daoist Alchemy and Medical Qigong
  • Sitting and movement meditation
  • Stress reduction classes or events
  • Contact Thomas Leichardt for rates
Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Consultation

Intuitive Consultations Include Make an Appointment

  • Discovery of Life Purpose
  • Changing Core Beliefs
  • Learning to consciously create your reality
  • Energetic Psychology, a non Western multidimensional perspective on
    • Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, Soul, Source
    • Practices to open the Inner Senses
  • More info...

These sessions unfold according to your intended results. Some possibilities include:

  • Awaken your Life Purpose, including guidance and exercises for insight and clarity.
  • Explore your core beliefs, and learn methods to change and transform them into conscious reality creation vortexes.
  • Learn the mechanics and practices to consciously create your own reality.
  • Receive guidance on the numerous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transitions that occur in life and/or as a result of alchemical practices.
  • Embody various movement, standing, or sitting practices to develop greater structure and alignment, as well as energetic vibration, refinement, and sensitivity.
  • In each session, Thomas "holds space," while either listening to whatever challenges life may have presented, or by helping your clarify your intended goals and destination, all the while guiding you towards your total and complete alignment with Source energy and the greater totality of your being.
  • More info...
Practitioners: Thomas Leichardt: Services: Appointments

Make an Appointment / Contact Thomas Leichardt

Clinic Hours

  • Tues - Fri: 11am - 8pm
  • By appointment only

Clinic Location

  • Inner Alchemy Center (Thomas Leichardt)
    1101 S Winchester Blvd, Suite N-267
    San Jose, CA 95128 (View Map)
    Please drive all the way to the 2nd (back) parking lot to find suite N267
    (408) 638-9108

Class Locations: Listed with each event under Classes & Workshops




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