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There are two primary teachers in Anaghan's life:

Other influential teachers, guides, and authors include:

Practitioners: Anaghan: About: Traditions

Some of the traditions Anaghan draws from include:

  • Advaita Vedanta
  • Bhakti Yoga
Practitioners: Anaghan: About: Testimonials
Sound Immersion

I enjoyed the sound immersion event immensely. It took me into deep states of meditation. I felt like I was gracefully riding those sound waves into fantastic states of inner awareness. Sound is so powerful, and I feel like we've only begun to scratch the surface with what we can do with it in terms of healing and affecting powerful change in our environment, both within and without. I would most certainly recommend Anaghan as a sound healer, and I look forward to more of his events.

Submitted by Yogeshwar, June 22, 2013

Practitioners: Anaghan: About: Biography

Anaghan (Jaire Vieira) was born October 4, 1969 in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. At the age of nine, his father would take him every other weekend to collect food for the poor, going from house to house with large bags. Anaghan remembers how much joy he felt to witness the generosity of people, and to be able to serve the ones who had so little. "It taught me from an early age the importance of service and compassion towards humanity." The experience opened his heart to something that would in some way shape his life and values in the years to come.

In 1991 Anaghan moved to the US, and spent several years working hard to make ends meet, and gradually learning both Spanish and English. He was hospitalized in 2000 for a serious and life-threatening infection. The experience of coming close to death and the healing that came through that experience led Anaghan to realize that his life had become "off-center." He began to ask himself fundamental questions about life, God, existence, Love and purpose. The experience led him to reconnect with the spiritual experiences of his childhood in Brasil. Those principles lying dormant within him were awakened and became the focus of a new beginning in life. He began to go deeper within, and as the inner self began to transform, so did his outer life. Anaghan began to move away from a materialistic, survival-based outlook on life into a life of service, love and compassion. "From that moment on I chose to live my life in accordance with Love and the good of all, to live from a more unified way of being."

In the years since, Anaghan has devoted his life to his spiritual practice, his family, and his community. He considers Madar and Trikaya and Amma as his spiritual teachers, and has been practicing meditation twice a day for over eight years. Anaghan's work with sound healing is an extension of his practice, and the culmination of the wisdom of his teachers.

Practitioners: Anaghan: About: Contact

Make contact with Anaghan:

  • Phone: 408.410.5846
  • Email: anaghan@ymail.com




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