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Nutrition: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Perspective

In modern society, most people make choices in the foods they eat based on taste, appearance, convenience, and cost. These choices, unfortunately, have the consequences of poor nutrition and low or inappropriate energetic value gained from foods, which weakens the immune system and is an invitation to disease.

In ancient China, people were more skillful and mindful in choosing the foods they ate. Various foods were chosen based on an understanding of that food's energetic properties and effects. Specific foods were chosen that would help maintain balance and energetic equilibrium, depending on careful examination of a person's energetic condition at the time, which varied based on constitution, current health, season, lifestyle, etc.

For example, a person who tended towards Excess and Heat (a Yang condition) would eat foods that were Cooling (Yin). A person tending toward Dampness (swelling, water retention) chose foods that were Drying. A Deficient person would eat foods that were Warming.

Coolness as an energetic quality can be felt easily when eating Peppermint leaves or drinking Peppermint tea. Heat is easily recognized in the chili pepper. While these are obvious examples, all foods have properties such as Yin and Yang, Cold and Hot, Dry and Damp, etc., which can be used to help offset undesired energetic patterns in the body, maintaining equilibrium and balance.

Unfortunately, in today's society, not having even a rudimentary understanding of the energetic qualities of food, it is all too easy to eat foods that further perpetuate energetic imbalance and dysfunction, rather than seeking to correct it.

Nutrition: Supplements

Thomas Leichardt, DMQ (China) uses a variety of herbs and nutritional products. Some of these are listed below.

Essential Oils by Young Living: In 1999, Thomas Leichardt discovered that these ultra high quality oils, derived from flowers, herbs, trees and other plants, have powerful effects not only on the physical body, but also on the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual body as well. He uses these oils and products daily for many purposes, including increasing his immune function, emotional balance, increasing energy, destroying virus, fungus and bacteria, and opening energetic centers. Thomas Leichardt finds the oils very helpful in his practice and cultivation.

Thomas Leichardt also uses Sun Ten's formulas regularly, and finds them to be of excellent quality for an affordable price.

Ho Yan Hor, a special tea found in most Chinese herb stores, is an absolute life safer for clearing Liver and Stomach heat, as well as the psycho emotional aspects of Liver Qi excess and stagnation, including frustration, irritability, and anger.

Thomas Leichardt also finds Sarada's Remedies beneficial from time to time, especially when touring with Amma or traveling abroad.

Nutrition: Books

The Tao of Nutrition, written by Maoshing Ni, Ph. D., C.A., and Cathy McNease, B.S., M.H., is very helpful and informative in presenting the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. This book helps its readers understand the energetic and therapeutic value of food, drawing on the wisdom of the ancient Chinese who were much more in tune with their bodies and environment. It also explores the energetic and therapeutic value of specific foods, as well as various medical conditions and the foods that remedy them.




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