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Sound Immersion is a powerful way to return to one's pure and unadulterated state of being, utilizing a variety of sounds and instruments that evoke a deep state of meditation and relaxation.

Sound Immersion is a therapeutic approach to health and wellness utilizing a variety of sound healing techniques, including the crystal singing bowls, the earth gong, Native American flutes, and other sound healing tools. Sound Immersion group events and private sessions can help to achieve deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved concentration and alleviation of physical and emotional pain. Recipients generally also experience a greater sense of well-being and inner contentment, and alignment.

Sound healing is relaxing and non-invasive. As you hear and feel the powerful, pure tones of the various instruments, pain and stress can be reduced or eliminated. The mind becomes still and the physical, mental, emotional and environmental bodies are restored to a natural state of grace and wholeness.

See Anaghan for more information.




Movement is

life, stillness

is love. To be

still and still

moving -

This is


Lao Tzu