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About Personal Instruction

If you prefer to learn one on one, personal instruction may be the best option for you. Any of these areas may be explored and developed through personal instruction:

  • Develop a Personal Healing Practice
    • To address a specific condition
    • To create optimal health on all levels
  • Begin or Deepen a Meditative Practice
    • Sitting or movement meditations
    • Mindfulness practices
  • Explore Energy Healing Modalities
  • Discover the Power of Your Mind
    • Processes to shift your inner vibrational state and point of attraction
    • Using the Law of Attraction to create the life you want
  • Learn the Art of Out of Body Exploration (Astral Projection)
    • Theory and instructions
    • Induction techniques
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Why Personal Instruction?

Some individuals prefer a one on one learning environment, which is easily tailored to individual needs and desired outcomes. One on one sessions are very focused, as a lot of material can be covered in less time than in a classroom setting.




Nothing is

softer or more

flexible than

water, yet

nothing can

resist it.

~ Lao Tzu