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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Certification: Overview

Medical Qigong (MQ) is an ancient healing practice that can be used both for personal cultivation as well as a modality to help others through teaching and healing. MQ certification typically progresses through three phases of training, all of which overlap and build on one another, and are repeated at increasingly deeper levels within each certificate level. Five Branches University offers three levels of certification in MQ.

First Phase
The process begins by students practicing Internal Qigong with the care and guidance of their teacher, while receiving External Qigong Therapy when necessary or desired. In this phase, students learn to sense, feel, and direct their own energy, and at the same time, establish new patterns of health and vitality. Often times during this phase old physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual patterns are brought up into consciousness where students are able to address, transform, and release them, thus creating space in their energetic matrix for new patterns to take root and unfold. It is by experiencing energetic transformation and healing first-hand that students become ready to help others undertake a similar journey.
Second Phase
In the second phase of training, students learn to direct energy for the benefit of others. This is accomplished through practicing specific Internal Qigong to further promote and refine their ability to perceive, lead, guide, store, and emit Qi. Students concurrently acquire knowledge and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, including Five Element theory, the Organs, Meridians, Points, Twelve Terrestrial Branches, Chakras, energetic and physical anatomy, etc. Students integrate this knowledge with their developing energetic abilities.
Third Phase
In the third phase of training, students refine their Qi perception, assessment, and emission skills, while learning about specific disease processes and how to address them. Students learn subtle listening skills that enable them to notice and detect patterns of energetic dysfunction, while refining their ability to use TCM theory and their energetic skills to quickly and effectively address and correct the dysfunctions, restoring health and balance to their clients. Students also become proficient in teaching Qigong, and in prescribing Internal Qigong that will directly promote the healing of specific energetic dysfunctions.
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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Certification: Certificates

Three levels of certification are available at Five Branches University.

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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Certification: MQP

MQP: Medical Qigong Practitioner Certificate
Course Course Name (mouse over for descriptions) Hours
Level 1 Introduction to MQ Therapy (P1) 32
Level 2 Introduction to MQ Diagnosis & Treatments (P2) 32
Level 3 Clinical Foundations of MQ Therapy (P3) 32
Level 4 Treatment of Organ Disharmonies
& Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises (P4)
Clinic Clinical Theater & Clinical Internship (C1) 72
MQP Total Hours 200

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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Certification: MQT

MQT: Medical Qigong Therapist Certificate
Course Course Name (mouse over for descriptions) Hours
MQP Hours Levels 1-4, Clinic 200
Level 5 Sensory, Intuitive, and Perceptual Diagnosis (T5) 32
Level 6 MQ Dao Yin Therapy and Rectifying Qi Deviations (T6) 32
Level 7 Intro to MQ Therapy for Special Conditions (T7) 32
Level 8 Energetic Anatomy and Physiology (M10) 32
Elective 1 China trip, qigong retreat, taiji, bagua, or movement qigong 32
Clinic 2 Clinical Internship (C2) 56
Extension Students Also Take These Courses
Lecture Business / Ethics 16
Lecture Anatomy & Physiology 90
Lecture TCM Foundations 60
Lecture TCM Diagnosis 68
MQP Total Hours 650
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Healing Modalities: Medical Qigong: Certification: MMQ

MMQ: Master of Medical Qigong Certificate
Course Course Name Hours
MQT Hours Levels 1-8, Clinic, Elective, Etc. 650
Level 9 Intro to Chinese Energetic Alchemy (M9) 32
Level 10 Intro to MQ Therapy and Oncology (part 1) (T8) 32
Level 11 Intro to MQ Therapy and Oncology (part 2) (M11) 32
Level 12 MQ Treatment for Spiritual Disorders (M12) 32
Elective 2 Elective Hours 32
Elective 3 Elective Hours 32
Elective 4 Elective Hours 32
Clinic 3 Clinical Internship (C3) 96
Extension Students Also Take These Courses
Lecture Pathophysiology 48
Lecture Red Flags 32
MQP Total Hours 1050




Movement is

life, stillness

is love. To be

still and still

moving -

This is


Lao Tzu

MQP: Medical Qigong Practitioner Certificate

The Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) certificate is our entry level certificate into the realms of medical qigong energy medicine. Students will gain enough skill to confidently treat various energetic imbalances in their clients, and be able to prescribe medical qigong exercises for a variety of conditions.

Upon completing the MQP certificate, students will be proficient in:

MQT: Medical Qigong Therapist Certificate

The Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) certificate is a powerful journey through deep self healing as a means to awaken one's ability to help others heal. The journey begins with self cultivation, all of which is a basis for developing and unveiling one's innate ability to invoke, direct, and modulate universal and biological energy in medical qigong treatment. Students gain a profound inner awareness, as well as sensitivity to read and assess their patient's energetic matrix. Students also learn how to direct energy for healing through purging, tonifying, and regulating techniques, and will also know which qigong exercises to teach their patients or clients based on their particular needs and patterns of disharmony.

Upon completing the MQT certificate, students will be proficient in:

MMQ: Master of Medical Qigong Certificate

The Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) certificate will be offered at Five Branches University once there is enough interest and momentum from students. Like our other certificates, the MMQ will be modeled after the curriculum designed by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, and will use his textbook Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy. We really look forward to expanding our medical qigong program.
Medical Qigong 1:
Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy

In the first module, students are led through a progressive series of qigong (energy skill) exercises and meditations to facilitate deep self healing. This first level offers ample opportunity to learn a powerful self healing practice, while also diving into Daoist Chinese medicine theory. This is both an experiential and theoretical course which fully explores Daoist self cultivation practices for health and well being. Students will also learn qigong modifications that address specific organ and channel disharmonies in the body.
Medical Qigong 2:
Introduction to MQ Diagnosis and Treatments

In the second module, students are led through a progressive series of advanced shengong (spirit skill) meditations and exercises. These exercises and meditations are specific to developing advanced intuitive diagnostic skills. Students also learn basic medical qigong treatment protocols, beginning their initial phase of medical qigong clinical experience by performing simple treatments on their fellow classmates. Students begin using medical qigong methods for energetic assessment, followed by purging, tonifying and regulating techniques in the subsequent treatment. Maintaining proper energetic boundaries, avoiding energetic burnout, and clinical ethics specific to medical qigong are also be addressed.
Medical Qigong 3:
Clinical Foundations of Medical Qigong Therapy

In the third module, students will further develop their energetic assessment and treatment skills. New treatment modalities will be introduced and integrated with those already learned in the second module. Students experience a broadening and deepening of energetic theory, and a greater comprehension of the human energetic matrix and the various causes of disharmony and disease.
Medical Qigong 4:
Treatment of Organ Disharmonies & Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises

In this fourth module, students are introduced to various organ disharmonies and how they may be addressed with medical qigong treatment and prescription exercises. Students deepen their understanding of energetic imbalances within the framework of medical qigong as well as traditional Chinese medicine, with emphasis on how to address each pattern and restore balance to the patient.
Medical Qigong 5:
Sensory, Intuitive, and Perceptual Diagnosis

The fifth module broadens understanding in the use of intuitive and perceptual diagnostic and evaluation skills. Students will be trained in various sensory, intuitive, and perceptual skills used in the medical qigong clinic. A variety of assessment methods as well as auxiliary medical qigong healing modalities will be covered.
Medical Qigong 6:
MQ Dao Yin Therapy and Rectifying Qi Deviations

In the sixth module, students deepen their understanding of the positive impact of posture, breath, and intent on a person's total energy dynamic. Postural, respiratory, and mental Dao Yin training methodologies will be covered, with emphasis on their transformative qualities, as well as an exploration of potential hazards due to incorrect training. Methods will be covered which correct qi deviations resulting from inappropriate practice.
Medical Qigong 7:
Introduction to MQ Therapy for Special Conditions

The seventh module is an introduction to energetic treatment modalities for special conditions and circumstances. Some of the topics covered include qigong prescriptions for and treatment of children, the elderly, menopausal symptoms, menstrual complications, gynecological disorders, stroke, Bells palsy, as well as mental and emotional disorders. Students will be exposed to specialized treatment protocols, and will deepen their understanding of managing a person's emotional, mental, and spiritual states.
Medical Qigong 8:
Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

The eight module introduces students to TCM theory from the perspective of medical qigong. Various aspects of energetic anatomy will be covered, some of which include the three dantians and the center taiji pole, the twelve primary channels and related organs, the eight extraordinary channels and their functions, as well as the extraordinarily organs. Students will gain a much deeper appreciation and comprehension of the multidimensional nature of human life, and the various levels at which disease can be addressed and treated.