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About Long Distance Healing

Healing is absolutely wonderful to experience in person. However, healing energy intentions may also be transmitted over long distances. Like a regular healing session, Long Distance Healing (LDH) lasts about one hour, including the initial consultation, plus the actual session.

Prior to our session, we make contact via email or telephone to discuss the nature of your healing request, which may take about 15 minutes. After discussing your current conditions as well as your desired outcome, the LDH session is scheduled.

During the scheduled time, it is very helpful if you lay down or meditate in a quiet and safe space that is free from distractions, bringing yourself into a relaxed and open state of mind. Being open and allowing greatly facilitates the healing process. Once the session is complete, lasting about 45 minutes, it is helpful if you take a few more moments to remain calm and receptive. You may continue to lay, meditate, or enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, park, or a nice warm bath.


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