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About Intuitive Consultation

  • Discovery of Life Purpose
  • Changing Core Beliefs
  • Learning to consciously create your reality
  • Energetic Psychology, a non Western multidimensional perspective on
    • Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, Soul, Source
    • Practices to open the Inner Senses

These sessions unfold according to your intended results. Some possibilities include:

  • Awaken your Life Purpose, including guidance and exercises for insight and clarity.
  • Explore your core beliefs, and learn methods to change and transform them into conscious reality creation vortexes.
  • Learn the mechanics and practices to consciously create your own reality.
  • Receive guidance on the numerous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transitions that occur in life and/or as a result of alchemical practices.
  • Embody various movement, standing, or sitting practices to develop greater structure and alignment, as well as energetic vibration, refinement, and sensitivity.
  • In each session, Thomas "holds space," while either listening to whatever challenges life may have presented, or by helping your clarify your intended goals and destination, all the while guiding you towards your total and complete alignment with Source energy and the greater totality of your being.


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Movement is

life, stillness

is love. To be

still and still

moving -

This is


Lao Tzu