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In practicing complementary and alternative medicine, Qigong seeks to support the care of your existing physician, therapist, or acupuncturist. Like any other system of health care, it is not a panacea but a highly effective health care practice. The meditations, practices, techniques and prescriptions described herein are currently practiced within the government hospitals, medical universities and clinics within The Peoples Republic of China.

These techniques can be very powerful and may in some cases be too mentally and physically demanding for some individuals. The readers should therefore use their own discretion and consult a qualified doctor of Medical Qigong therapy, an acupuncturist, medical doctor, or mental health professional before engaging in these exercises and meditations.

The parties named on this web site are neither liable nor responsible to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by reading or following the instructions for any condition, or interpreting information provided on this web site. The treatments mentioned in this web site are not meant to be used as symptomatic prescriptions. The treatment of specific organs, channels, channel points, and prescriptions must always be selected based on the thorough understanding of the origin of the client's disease. If an ailment is severe, or if symptoms persist, please consult a medical professional immediately.





Tao abides in


yet nothing is

left undone.

Lao Tzu