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Over 5 hours of lectures are included on one mp3 CD $30 plus shipping
1) Introduction, Essential Metaphysics & Proper Mental Climate (48:38)
2) Core Belief Change (43:48)
3) Anatomy of an OBE (49:18)
4) Methods of Separation & Induction Techniques (49:15)
5) Induction Techniques (37:06)
6) Induction Techniques, Induction Results & Types of Environments (29:21)
7) Exploring the Inner Realms & Advanced Techniques (35:40)
8) Advanced Exploration (29:52)

References and recommended reading
1) Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman - This is simply the best book on OBE, containing both personal experiences, theories, as well as powerful OBE induction techniques.
2) Out-of-Body Adventures by Rick Stack - A fun and delightful read. Rick's playful attitude towards the subject is both refreshing and inspiring. He was a long time student of Seth and Jane Roberts.
3) The Secret of the Soul by William Buhlman - The sequel to Adventures Beyond the Body, this book demonstrates that the OBE is a natural ability that can be cultivated.
4) The Early Sessions by Jane Roberts & Seth - Some of the best material available on reality creation and construction, as well as one's multidimensional nature.
5) All the Seth books by Jane Roberts - The Seth Material is the gold standard for all metaphysical writing, and reads very much like a doctoral program for the dedicated metaphysician.
6) Books and Audio by Abraham Hicks Publications - These are amazing for helping develop a healthy, bright, and positive mental climate, which is great for OBE as well as physical life.

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