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Meditation CD 1 $15 plus shipping

All three meditations on this audio CD have been taken with permission from Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy in 5 volumes, by Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson. This is a ground breaking text filled with life changing practices, and is highly recommended.

One through Four Meditation (Volume 4, Ch 42; p. 78 or Volume 3, Ch 27; p. 184)
This meditation facilitates a powerful connection to the earth, revitalizes the body, and helps develop and maintain one's root. Therefore it is also very stabilizing to body, mind, and spirit.

Wu Zang Meditation (Volume 3; Ch 30; p. 263-265)
This meditation invokes the energy of the Yuan Shen (原神) and Xian Shen (仙神) via the Taiji Pole. It also invokes the Yi (意), Shen (神), Zhi (志), Po (魄), and Hun (魂), as well as the stars of the big dipper. The meditation is used for protection and greater alignment with the Dao, or Divine Will. This meditation greatly aids practitioners in not absorbing pathogenic Qi during treatment, as well as cultivating the ability to invoke the energies of the 5 elements, which can also be applied for healing self and others.

Eight Direction Perception Meditation (Volume 3, Ch 27; p. 210)
This meditation helps open the 8 Extraordinary Channels to increase intuition and psychic perception. Apart from their clinical application to treat various diseases in TCM, in terms of Inner Alchemy, the 8 Extra channels can be used to help us return to our pre-heaven (prenatal) essence, to strengthen our connection to the Yuan Shen (原神) and Eternal Soul, and to unwind congenital disorders.

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